Everything for sale in our web shop is a ready-made product, but you can always request custom-made garments in any of the styles you see here..

MAISIE dress (blue and pink quilt topper)

MONTANA dress (dark red plaid)

MONTANA dress (yellow-green-red plaid)

MONTANA dress (short white and blue plaid)

NELL dress (beige)

NELL dress (purple roses)

MOLLY dress (short beige)

MOLLY dress (long blue and beige plaid)

MOLLY dress (long beige plaid)

MOLLY dress (long grey)

MOLLY dress (long purple and green gingham)

LUCY dress (green gingham)

LUCY dress (dusty pink plaid)

LUNA kaftan (pink with tassels)

LUNA kaftan (red with stripes)

MABEL dress (red gingham)

MABEL dress (brown paisley pattern)

MABEL dress (animal print)

KATIE dress (black-orange-white patchwork print)

SARAH dress (red gingham)

HEIDI slip dress (long brown)

HEIDI slip dress (short brown)

ALEXIS dress (blue gingham with shoulder ties)

ALEXIS dress (long sleeve red-yellow-grey plaid)

ADA kimono (blue and red plaid)