About us

Folklore Reuse & Repair is a small label focused on using carefully sourced second hand textiles to make one of a kind, truly sustainable and long lasting clothing. Their durability reflects in the type of materials picked, timeless design choices and quality in making. We aim to create a new chapter in the stories of vintage or second hand home textiles and donated fabrics while appreciating the colorful lives they've already lived. Sometimes it's the perfect fade or a lovingly made repair that makes the newly sewn garment feel like a piece you’ve adored and worn for ages. 

Creating from a standpoint of always having a very limited amount of material comes with its challenges, but more often than not it inspires us to think out of the box, really look at what's in front of us and do our best to use up as much of the valuable resource as we can. Everything we make has to justify its existence as the world is replete with things we don't really need to produce or use. That's why our clothes are made to be lived in and accommodate our beautifully different,  ever-changing bodies and personal style. We are constantly in awe of what's already around us and we hope to inspire the same in you.