** We will be able to give you a more precise estimate on the cost once we take a look at the item's material, condition and estimate the difficulty of the task. If you don't see the service you need listed here, worry not - just contact us and we will do our best to give you an approximate price if we are able to provide the service.

PS! We ask you to only bring items that have been washed beforehand.


Replacing buttons, snaps, rivets, hooks etc depending on the amount starts at 5€ + cost of fastener(s)

Making a buttonhole, from 4€ a piece

Jeans repair 20-40€

Hemming jeans 15-20€

Hemming jeans while keeping the original hem, from 23€

Tapering denim 15-35€

Cropping a denim jacket 20-40€

Hemming pants 10-25€

Repairing or replacing zipper on pants 15-35€

Repairing or replacing zipper on a dress or skirt 10-25€

Repairing or replacing zipper on a jacket 20-45€

Mending sweaters and other knits by hand 15-35€

Hemming a skirt or a dress 15-30€

Adjusting a shirt or a blouse (hemming bottom or sleeves etc) 15-35€

Adjusting a lighter jacket/blazer/coat 15€-40€

Adjusting a woolen or thicker jacket/coat 20-45€

Mending the lining of an item, from 15€

Changing out the lining of an item, from  30€ + material